Honesty – A Marketing Plus!

I drove past a Billboard on the way from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, the other day, which read ...


(brand) Shower Cleaner – it really works!

”That’s a nice change I thought – it actually does what it says on the tin!


Why should it be possible to actually advertise something simply on the basis that it works?

That says something about our opinion of the honesty of advertising and the value of the products themselves.


But worse, we don’t condemn them for telling porkpies

We sort of expect it. In other words, we expect bull dust in advertising and products that don’t deliver what they say they will.

Cynical consumers, the new trend!

Futurists have noticed a big trend in our attitude to advertising and consumer products. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and cynical.

We are all becoming bull dust resistant.

We do not accept things at face value – we look for the catch. Your customers are now sophisticated listeners, viewers and readers.

They (consumers) have been caught out before and they won’t let it happen again.

This means that conventional adverts are becoming less effective, because we are learning to tune them out mentally and turn them off physically.

The response has been more bizarre adverts, all aiming to “cut through” the clutter and get noticed by consumers.

Then you remember the advert but can’t work out what the product was or why you should buy it?

Advertisers seem to have forgotten that “Customers buy because of what the product does for them – it has to work!

“Honesty” in marketing & advertising

It seems to me that “honesty” in advertising, is rapidly becoming the way to stand out from the crowd.

Telling the potential customer what you offer and making sure you deliver it. Customers are happy to pay a fair price if you give them what you say you will. Clients will reward you by coming back and also purchasing other products too, because they can trust you.

Now look at your own advertising and your product.

  • Are You being completely honest?
  • Do You feel comfortable that you deliver what you say you will?

In the words of William Shakespeare,

“To thine own self be true

It follows, as night follows day, that thou cannot be untrue to any man.

Establishing a Brand Preference

Being honest is good business and being straight is good marketing.

When customers get what they pay for and a little more they are surprised and impressed.

If your customers can trust you to do what you say you will every time, then you have established a brand preference.

People are happy to pay more for an established brand for one most important reason.


Plus – being devious and crooked is hard work. When you are completely honest you feel good about yourself.

If your organization is honest and straight your employees feel good too.

If you are dishonest, you feel bad, your employees are demotivated and your customers know that they are being robbed.

So, think straight, walk straight, talk straight and give yourself a big marketing advantage. As well as a warm inner glow!

Ian Godbold

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