1. Part Time Marketing Manager

Marketing has been a problem for most mid-sized businesses. Business owners know they need marketing, but a full time Marketing Manager is way beyond most budgets and “Business Coaches” say they know marketing - but mostly they don’t!

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Godbold & Associates provide the answer through providing full marketing services at a part-time price.

We stay up to date with marketing developments and predominately make use of internet, digital and database marketing to find and communicate with customers and prospects efficiently and cost effectively.

No long term contracts or commitments.

We work in all respects as your Marketing Manager to make things happen in your business. We charge a fixed and agreed monthly retainer fee and any out of pocket expenses at cost - and that’s it!

Don’t worry we will never have your competitors as clients – there would be a conflict of interest.

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2. Branding - Your Business and Products

There is a lot of talk about “Brands” and the “Brand Value” they accumulate.

In reality what branding is about is the image products has that results in the them being regularly purchased by brand loyal customers, in preference to similar products.

Any product, service or business naturally builds an image in the minds of customers which may be good or bad. Leading either to repeat purchasing or avoidance!

Branding as a part of a marketing strategy identifies and reinforces the positive aspects of the product or business that leads to repeat purchasing, while identifying and eliminating the negative aspects.

This positive brand image is then applied to all aspects of the design, pricing, promotion and delivery of the product.

Looking to Positively Brand Your Products or Business?

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3. Future Proofing Your Business

  • Have you seriously looked at where your business is likely to be in two, five or ten years’ time?
  • Have you thought about what would happen to your customers in that time?
  • What about technology, is there an alternative product or a disruptor likely to appear?
  • What about Your Competitors?
  • What are Government and Legislation doing?

We can Help You Predict & Change the Future for Your Business

We can help you to take an in-depth look at the wide variety of changes likely to impact your business and help you to build strategies that either reduce the impact or take advantage of changes predicted.

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4. New Product Launch / Re-Launch

If you build a better mousetrap or a better product, the world will NOT make a beaten path to your door!!

History is littered with good products and inventions that have not made it to the market or have failed the ultimate test of making a profit for their inventors and builders.

So if you have a new product you are thinking of launching or re-launching you need marketing help and advice. It is a lot less expensive than mortgaging your house to make something that the market rejects.

Contact Me for a confidential discussion about your new product and its prospects for success in the real world

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5. Internet Marketing

If you are not using the internet and Google to promote your business, you have to catch up urgently. Used correctly it is the single best way to promote most business to business products.

Social media has its place but to rely on a face book page to recruit prospective customers is wishful thinking.

A well-integrated marketing strategy uses combinations of

  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM’s)
  • E-Newsletters
  • Purchased and Developed Databases and
  • Your website - to create enquiries and leads for you and your sales staff

Find out how to use the internet to effectively promote your products

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6. Website Marketing

Is your website working for your business?

Websites are an essential part of the image your business presents to current and prospective customers. Plus the world in general!

A good website is a key part of your marketing strategy and should be reviewed regularly.

If your website is not delivering enquiries, information and orders it may need updating and re-targeting.

Contact Me to find out how to use the internet to effectively promote your products

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7. Google AdWords as a Promotional Tool

If you are relying on SEO (search engine optimisation) to put your website in front of prospective customers, when they search for your product, you are either an optimist or you have such a unique product that all searches lead to your business at the top of the page.

I’m not knocking SEO and there are clever people who can help you with it.

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But it is a slow and often expensive process.

Most prospective buyers for a product will look at and click on only a couple of organisations which Google identifies as matching the key word search.

Visitors will look at the first page only, so if you are not there you are history!

With AdWords you pay to be at the top part of the first page which means you have the best chance of a click through to your website and a possible enquiry.

Find out how to use the internet to effectively promote your products

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8. Business Sale - Exit Strategy

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Unless you are in the fortunate position of passing on your business to a son or daughter, to fund your retirement, you will need to think about selling.

Selling a business as a going concern is not easy and you need to start looking at it from a buyer’s perspective.

We can help you through the process to identify areas of weakness that may need correcting, to build the sort of business that will attract the best price.
A business is a big product looking for a select group of buyers, a good marketing exit strategy is essential for success.

Looking to Sell Your Business and Retire?

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Principal Consultant

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