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Ian Godbold

Ian Godbold

We act in all respects as the full time Marketing Manager you need - except at a fraction of the cost!
You get all the experience and access to the latest developments in Marketing, plus someone who is committed to “Making things happen” while you get on with running your business.


"Decades of Practical Experience"

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Lots of FREE Articles

I have written a huge number of articles published in business magazines
My articles are aimed at helping small businesses to develop their management and marketing skills. There are many things you could be doing now to improve your business, without my help. Feel free to browse through the titles listed here and download and print any that interest you.

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Has the World Gone Mad?

Or is it just me who thinks it has?Among the people I talk to, there seems to be a general feeling that the World is being governed and led by morons without a thread of common sense between them.

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